Offline Logger and Percentage calculator unpublished

Yes, so it has been done. I don’t have the time to maintain the applications anymore and since there are so freaking many Android devices out there now I rather unpublish it then have applications I can’t stand for and might not work on some devices.

Thank you all that has contacted me and given me feedback during these years.


Programatically fire crossbrowser click event with JavaScript

The following function triggers a mouseclick event on the DOM-node you pass to it.
I’ve tested it with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9, Firefox 3.x and 11 nightly. Chrome 17-dev, Opera 10 and 11, webkit on iOS 5 iPhone 4, webkit on Android 2.3.4, Safari 4.0.5 on Windows. If you need it on another browser/version/os, please test it and post the result as a comment here.

function fireClick(node){
	if ( document.createEvent ) {
		var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
		evt.initEvent('click', true, false);
	} else if( document.createEventObject ) {
		node.fireEvent('onclick') ;	
	} else if (typeof node.onclick == 'function' ) {

Example usage:

//assumes <a href="" id="myLink">Click me</a>
var theNode = document.getElementById('myLink');
theNode.onclick = function(){ alert("You clicked a link with href:" + this.href); };


Samsung Captivate & HTC EVO 4G issues

Some users have reported issues using with Captivate and EVO 4G devices. I have not confirmed a fix for those devices yet, but am working on it.

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Offline Logger 0.4.1 patch

I got an error-report where someone got a force close when trying to index old files, so the 0.4.1 patch adresses the issue where it could cause a crash / force close.

Also enabled the “Index logfiles” button to the menu to always be visible (earlier it was only visible on certain conditions) if someone had problems to index the old files, you could always go and index them again. It will only re-index files that have failed earlier and does not exist in the database.


Offline Logger 0.4

Finally it’s released, version 0.4

* Added support for imperial unitsystem
* Possible to convert to KML format
* Valid GPX format
* Minor tweaks to UI
* Added bearing & altitude to dashboard
* Slightly remade the settings screen
* Added 1 second interval as option
* Database driven history for better performance (optionally to index old log-files)
* Lots of tweaks which you’ll never notice.

Your old logs are NOT deleted, they just don’t show up in the history until you’ve indexed them!

Please be aware of that indexing is only required once (or until you uninstall and reinstall the application), and might take _very_ long time (several minutes or even hours if you have lots of large log-files and have a slow phone) since it will go through all previous stored logs and do calculations on them, so put the phone in the charger and let it work until it’s finished.


Good (but slow) progress on Offline Logger 0.4

I’ve been spending pretty much time lately getting the 0.4 update ready for market, there was some issues though making it taking longer time than expected. But there is a good progress right now so I hope to release it within 2 weeks.

New features to expect:
* KML export, configuration for clamp to ground
* Log summaries are saved to database for increased performance and user experience (much shorter loading times when visiting history + history detail)
* Ability to index old GPX files into the new database
* Configuration to choose between imperial or metric unit-system
* GPX files are created correctly according to the GPX XML-Schema so all proper programs will be able to import them
* Minor tweaks to the graphics
* Lots of tweaks in the code, probably not noticable for most of you….

User requested features that will be implemented
* 1 second logging interval added to settings
* Updated dashboard with altitude and bearing (configuration to show/hide this)

Please visit the “Donate to Offline Logger” page (found up to the left amongst the tabs) if you like my work, to send me a paypal donation or an old android device that you don’t use anymore.


Ultimate Percentage Calculator

Just released a simple percentage calculator on the market, mostly for fun to see what you can do on less than 2hours development.

Get the app here: market://details?id=com.nonobtrusive.ultimatepercentage


Imperial unitsystem

I’ve just added support to the next patch to select either imperial or metric unitsystem (eg. MPH or km/h, feet/miles or meters/kilometres, etc).

I really hope to get the next patch ready soon. I have some more things on the todo-list before a release will become ready to hit the market because I don’t want to update-spam the users (you).


XMLSchema validated GPX 1.1 files

Several users have reported issues when trying to import the GPX files stored by Offline Logger into third party applications. It’s probably caused by the format not being validated according to the available xmlschema, this is the highest priority in the development right now and will be fixed with the next release.

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Offline Logger 0.3.2

The only new feature for the 0.3.2 release is the added support for installation to SD-card. This only affects Android 2.2 users.