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Ultimate Percentage Calculator

Just released a simple percentage calculator on the market, mostly for fun to see what you can do on less than 2hours development.

Get the app here: market://details?id=com.nonobtrusive.ultimatepercentage


Imperial unitsystem

I’ve just added support to the next patch to select either imperial or metric unitsystem (eg. MPH or km/h, feet/miles or meters/kilometres, etc).

I really hope to get the next patch ready soon. I have some more things on the todo-list before a release will become ready to hit the market because I don’t want to update-spam the users (you).


XMLSchema validated GPX 1.1 files

Several users have reported issues when trying to import the GPX files stored by Offline Logger into third party applications. It’s probably caused by the format not being validated according to the available xmlschema, this is the highest priority in the development right now and will be fixed with the next release.

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Offline Logger 0.3.2

The only new feature for the 0.3.2 release is the added support for installation to SD-card. This only affects Android 2.2 users.


Offline Logger – idle development

I’ve moved during the summer and switched job, so the Offline Logger development has somewhat stalled and will become idle for an undetermined future.

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