Good (but slow) progress on Offline Logger 0.4

I’ve been spending pretty much time lately getting the 0.4 update ready for market, there was some issues though making it taking longer time than expected. But there is a good progress right now so I hope to release it within 2 weeks.

New features to expect:
* KML export, configuration for clamp to ground
* Log summaries are saved to database for increased performance and user experience (much shorter loading times when visiting history + history detail)
* Ability to index old GPX files into the new database
* Configuration to choose between imperial or metric unit-system
* GPX files are created correctly according to the GPX XML-Schema so all proper programs will be able to import them
* Minor tweaks to the graphics
* Lots of tweaks in the code, probably not noticable for most of you….

User requested features that will be implemented
* 1 second logging interval added to settings
* Updated dashboard with altitude and bearing (configuration to show/hide this)

Please visit the “Donate to Offline Logger” page (found up to the left amongst the tabs) if you like my work, to send me a paypal donation or an old android device that you don’t use anymore.

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  2. #2 by jasonvargas on July 19, 2015 - 5:52 am

    Hi, offline logger works great and does just what I need, thanks. Is there a way to edit the autosaved .gpx file name and set it to overwrite the current file each time a new log is started. I am using it to run live location tracking, the mapping software reads the file I pass it (i.e. myLocation.gpx) so I am trying to find a way for offline logger to create a file with a custom name rather than its current date/time.

    Many Thanks

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