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Offline Logger and Percentage calculator unpublished

Yes, so it has been done. I don’t have the time to maintain the applications anymore and since there are so freaking many Android devices out there now I rather unpublish it then have applications I can’t stand for and might not work on some devices.

Thank you all that has contacted me and given me feedback during these years.


My apologies for the downtime, domain expired without my knowledge

My domain expired without my knowledge, the renewal notification e-mail from my registrar was filtered as spam by gmail so I missed it.

But lucky me I noticed just a few days after the expiration, so the grace period was still valid. Renewed and back!

I was actually first pissed off and thought my registrar didn’t notify me, and their domain-parking page looks like some crappy advertisement page so I thought anyone else had gotten their hands on it. A couple of e-mails later to the support and everything seemed to be fine, one day later (today) it’s back online. Thanks for the quick support/responses

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